Encouraging Client's Usage of Karbon Checklist for Document Uploads

  • 26 March 2024
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Hi everyone!

As we are nearly fully transitioned to Karbon, I've started sending out Onboarding checklists to our clients. These checklists help us gather all the necessary information for setting up their profiles in the system and preparing their corporate taxes. However, we've run into an issue where many clients are sending their documents as attachments in reply to the email, instead of uploading them directly to the Karbon Checklist.

I'm curious to know how others have tackled this issue and encouraged clients to use the Karbon Checklist for document uploads. Any tips or tricks you've found effective in making this process smoother would be really helpful.

2 replies

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Hi @naomi_paulson! 😁

We spent our first couple of years on Karbon educating our clients about not sending attachments in emails. Here’s how we approached it:

  1. Marketing campaign to our clients explaining how email attachments are dangerous, which is why we now use a frictionless portal where they can safely upload their docs.
  2. We added a message bounce-back in Outlook whenever we received attachments letting the client know that we received their email, but it contained an attachment and was therefore blocked (we didn’t actually block these emails at first).
  3. We actually quarantined the emails and sent messages to the sender and recipient.
  4. We have now removed the messaging and restrictions as most of our clients use the portal but we are still able to use email with attachments when needed (and for stubborn clients who just won’t ever use the portal)

I’m curious what others did.

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Hi @naomi_paulson,

We have some clients who do the same thing, but probably less than 50% and over time slowly decreasing.

We’ve not bothered to be too forceful, because at the end of the day, if the client gives us the information one way or another, it being attached on a checklist vs an email, doesn’t change how we work with it.

Some clients whinge when a checklist reminder goes to them after they’ve sent them in and I let them know that if they complete the task it won’t (but we complete the task for them when we get around to checking the attachment resolves the query).

I hope that helps 🙂