Confining Template Sections to One Role

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When I completed my Karbon template training the recommendation was that you should not mix tasks for different roles within one section. Can anyone explain why this is?

In some of our processes, two colleagues will be working on one job and often the tasks often alternate between them. Setting up each task in a separate section because the role has changed results in a template with 50 or 60 sections, and each section contains only one task. This makes the template unwieldy and difficult to use. Is there a good reason why I can’t create a single section containing tasks for two different roles? The work can be assigned to the senior colleague so there is no confusion about ownership or accountability when the work is being delivered.


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Hi @Ian Jack!

You can setup the templates for how they can work best for your firm.

The reason the training suggests, and I agree, that you not mix roles is so that you can take full advantage of the automation in Karbon, which is based on the section state.

We’re big fans of simplifying work and minimizing the handing off of work from one person to another. I’m curious, if you are willing, to know the use case you have for passing work between collogues that often.

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Thank you for your reply.

Essentially the section I am referring to creates a draft audit report that is then reviewed, then a second draft is created and reviewed then a final draft is created and reviewed.