Colleagues able to make changes in someone else's My Week?

  • 19 January 2023
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Hi everyone,

We would like to encourage colleagues in supervisory roles to periodically check in on their assigned staff’s My Week as an added layer of transparency.  However, when testing this out today, we realized that if you go into a colleagues My Week, it is possible for you to make changes, like moving things around or even moving something to Done.  That makes me nervous.  I don’t think any of our staff would move anything intentionally, but accidents happen, right?  Has anyone run into this concern?  How did you handle it?




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2 replies

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Hi Kara, the concept of security permissions has been discussed here quite a bit and you might find some posts by @MikeLiang and others who have brought up similar concerns. Check out Mike’s profile for feature ideas that relate to staff security controls, vote, and comment your concerns, and then link those ideas here in the comments on this post so others that find this post can go and vote, too. 😀

There are many of us who would like to see tighter controls over who can access what in Karbon. 😉 We’re all nice, but we’re all growing and at some point, we might need that level of control.

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The weariness of someone moving something in my week is about the same as it is in work items, in my opinion. There are audit trails but a client won’t care at all about the how or why the work was missed. Just that it was and now they are unhappy. 

A notification to the owner of the work/task/MyWeek item that something has changed when they themselves didn’t do it, would be helpful.