Advice on onboard CURRENT clients

  • 26 January 2023
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The templates in Karbon are great for Onboarding new clients. How do people usually handle onboarding current clients - we are moving them from sharefile and no communication type portal to Karbon. 

I could just email my clients and let them know (with whatever other information we decide to include), or create a current client template with a client request and have that include the same exact information. Is there a benefit to one over the other? 

3 replies

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@David Sadowsky I think it would depend on your goal with the communication -

  • If it is purely a notification with information, then a bulk mail might be best
    • If you use something like MailChimp already for marketing you could leverage this to see who has opened/read the email
  • If there is something you need them to do (for example, create their Karbon client login) then a client task might be best - you could have two tasks
    • One: We’re moving to Karbon! Read these details and leave us a comment if you have any questions, mark this complete once you’ve done!
    • Two: A benefit of Karbon is the client portal - create your login to easily access your future client requests!

You could also do a combination - a mailing list with the key details and letting them know what to expect when receiving the task, and then also just a task to setup their login. This would also reduce the chances of the client tasks being dismissed as spam/suspicious if it’s the first communication from you about Karbon.


Let us know what you decide!

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You can also send them this video link to a short video on how the client portal works.  We had great feedback from our clients when I sent them this link.


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Great advice @Rebecca Williams and @DianeK 

Getting your clients and team familiar with the Client Portal from the beginning would be so valuable! I would vote for Rebecca’s second option and include the video Diane mentioned in that communication - you would be setting everyone on the right path and be all in in Karbon.