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  • 25 August 2022
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Hi there,


I trust you are well.

Firstly, I am currrently experiencing a work view error, when I go on a client and I want to view the work not completed. It doesn’t show all my work, it will only show 1 or if more than 1 it will show minimal. This is new and would like assistance to be able to view my work items with no problems.

Secondly when I view work items, the system is very slow to load work items and slightly glitches, with my colleagues they don’t experience this but I am. Kindly assist as this problem is not making the system user friendly for me at this stage.

I would like this to be sorted as soon as possible.

1 reply

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@Gcobisa Zono Welcome to the Karbon Community!

When you are looking at a work view in Karbon, what filters are engaged? Those filters could be what is limiting the work that is shown. My first suggestion would be to remove some of those filters to see if more of your work items appear in the view.

Regarding the work items being slow to load, I was also experiencing this a little bit earlier this week, but now it appears to be better. If you are still experiencing that, I would suggest reaching out to support by clicking on Help and Feedback and then start a chat with the Karbon support team.