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  • 16 November 2021
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There is no direct way to search to do items? Only by looking at email and notes. Can I please suggest in the future that there is an option for this. Thank you 

3 replies

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If you go to Help & Feedback in the left side toolbar in Karbon you will get a popup box to where you can submit feature requests.



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I am wondering if you would benefit from setting up filters and displays in the To-do list to make it more manageable?  I find it helpful to find things in my To-do list when I change the sort by display using the drop down.  Hope that helps a little.



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I usually have my to-do list open on a separate screen so I can keep my filters and sorting options open while working in Karbon on another screen.  You can filter by Type and Status and you can also sort the data you are seeing once the filters are set.  I would play around with these settings to see if anything works for you.

My favorite is to filter by Type so I can just seeing notes assigned to me or emails assigned to me.  Doing one type at a time really helps narrow down the tasks.  I also like to use Status filters especially for waiting.  This allows me to see all the waiting tasks, usually waiting on client.  Then I can go in and send gentle reminders for whatever information we are waiting on.

I also like to sort by assigner.  This can show me the items the boss has assigned to me and usually take priority.