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  • 27 December 2021
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Karbon and peers, 

Currently, I understand there is no central place for reporting bugs of Karbon system. I only know the place to request new features. However, for existing features, if there is a bug (e.g. below), I would strongly a place either in this community of somewhere else for the users to report. I hope all the bugs can taken care by the development team of Karbon serious and timely and trackable. Can other peers echo this idea? The reason is simple. 

  • Client Group:  When a client is added to two or more client group. When we do the filering of work by client group, the work of the client only appear when you filter the first client group. However, when you filter other client groups where the client is a member, that work won’t appear.

3 replies

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Hi Mike,

In the past, I have submitted bugs to the support team and they get routed to the developers. I don’t know if it always happens, but sometimes I get looped in when the bug is fixed.

I think sending support chat a message is currently the best way to report bugs.

Also, check out this post that seems similar to your issue:

Does that help at all?

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Hey Mike,

I found a bug today with how data exports work and submitted it through the chat using the “I want to report a bug” button. It was escalated immediately to Karbon engineers who contacted me for more information within an hour of submitting my bug report.

Have you tried this way of reporting bugs?

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