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  • 5 November 2021
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I would appreciate ideas on how to use karbon for follow up.  I am a new user.  Example, if i assign an email to a staff member, I would like to have a follow up reminder so that I can check that the email or task was in fact completed by the colleague.  How do other users use karbon tools to follow up on things that are delegated but need to be verified for completeness?


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Hi @Terri Svihla great question!  

You can use the new My Week option as a way to keep taps on this.  

Add the email to My Week by selection Plan for This Week.  Then you can assign out to your team.

Then in My Week, it will appear in the email section.

Click the three dots on the right to then assign to the timeframe you want to follow up on it.

Check out this link to learn more about My Week as well! 

Does this help?

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Great tip from @kylenecarse. My week is a great feature.

There is no “follow up” reminder option available when assigning emails to your colleagues.

One of the main reasons for me switching to Karbon was to reduce the clutter. I feel that additional reminders hitting the Triage would increase distractions for me.

Let me share how I handle this with my team. When I assign emails and other items to a colleague, I make sure to also set a due date. The “Notify me - New emails and comments” should be toggled on. Any future email replies or comments on this thread will hit my Triage, since I am included in the conversation. Tip, when you click the three dots of the email, under “Visibility” located on the bottom right side, you may see the number of colleagues that may see this conversation.

Sometimes I @mention other colleague in the comment field when I assign the email so they are included in the conversation. This increases transparency across the team and ensures client issues are being handled. 

I have drilled into my team that they are responsible for emails/notes/tasks assigned to them and if they fell they may not be able to complete them by the due date, they are to talk to their supervisor (me 😆). From time to time I may want to see items assigned to my colleagues by going to To-do and clicking “Colleagues to-do list”. The To-do list is a very important for managing all the tasks and the due date is crucial to tracking when items should be completed.

I have found it very important the team tightly manage their To-do list. This prevents any client and other issues from falling through the cracks. Angry me 😡comes out when colleagues fail on their end of the bargain.

Hope this helps @Terri Svihla . 😊

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Hi @Terri Svihla! Welcome to the Karbon community.

One little gem that I like to use is this menu in the To-Do section:


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Max beat me to the punch on this!  Just remember to have your filters show completed Work/Tasks in case it’s already completed.

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Thank you all for your responses and guidance!  @Kirk Jeske I totally agree with your position regarding colleague expectations!  Right now as all are learning though, I do want to keep tabs until I am more confident that my team members are using karbon tools appropriately.  Everyone’s responses are very helpful to get me on my way, thanks again!