Best practice for work items

  • 19 June 2022
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Best practice for work items: 

I would like to understand the best way practises setup tasks for clients to manage clients and internal staff. 

i.e. Bookkeeping (do you create the tasks split or in one job) i.e. Bank reconciliation, DEXT, VAT, CIS etc or run these as all separate jobs which will clog the jobs board up very quickly however dates won’t get missed. How is the task tracked again time and budget if these are separate jobs but one costing to do the work

i.e. Payroll (collate and run payroll and then file EPS) but with different deadline dates to process payroll and the file EPS. 

I would welcome and thoughts and support. 

Many thanks, Jeremy 


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5 replies

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Hi @Jeremy Ferendinos, welcome to the Karbon community! 😀

Many firms handle the situations you described differently, so I’m curious to read what other’s suggest. We have experimented with several options and have slowly worked our way from monolithic work items where everything was listed in one long work item to much more granular work items.

Here are some of the things we think about:

  • If the work is linier and has the same due date, put it together
  • If the work has different due dates, split them into different work items
  • If the work is not linier, it might be worth splitting into different work items if you can have different staff work simultaneously. Karbon isn’t designed to have multiple people working on a work item at the same time.

Does that help at all?

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Have you tried adding automators?  You can change the due date of tasks or the work itself using automators.  This would allow different sections to have different due dates.  We use this in all our work items.  

Here is a great Karbon article on Automators.


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The problem with automation is that there’s no way to change the due date to a specific date:


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I agree @max.  It isn’t ideal, but it does work for some items. I would love to be able to add an Automator that would set a specific date, but you can add Automators that will assign different sections as ready to start to two different people/roles at the same time.  The work would stay with the main owner, but a section of the work can be assigned to someone else by an Automator.  You can then have a due date for that section.

Hi All, @max  and @DianeK , Thank You for your quick comments. This is very helpful.