PEW 79 Article: 3 wrong arguments against remote working

  • 29 January 2023
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I read this and was taken by this quote:


To me, it seems like a bit of a pointless quote/comment.

Should you recruit people you don’t trust? No.

Should you immediately trust anybody and everybody you meet? Also no.

How does Finn Kelly recruit?

Only recruit people they already know and fully trust?

Have an onerous recruitment process that establishes trust before an offer of employment is made?

To be clear, if you are distrusting of someone, I agree you shouldn’t hire them, but realistically, I think you are recruiting people who you don’t know and don’t yet trust, more often than not.

3 replies

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@SamG I see what you are saying.  I was wondering if it was more related to reviewing gaps in recruiting that has led to hiring candidates that prove to be untrustworthy over time.  I would be curious on how Finn Kelly recruits as well, has he established a recruiting process that ‘tests’ trust?

I worked with a firm for a while that required the completion of an ethics test before an offer would be made.  We found that very helpful.


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@Victoria Peters that would make sense, the article suggests it’s about employers being mistrusting of employees when there is no reason to be. I can’t find any Finn Kelly from We Love Numbers, only this guy: who is Finnian and doesn’t seem likely to be an accountant or bookkeeper.

The ethics test definitely sounds interesting! I wonder how easily it can be gamed 😅

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@SamG pretty sure that’s the same person! I found this article which took me to this listing of other articles written by Finn Kelly. Another article here - many details in the articles that are mentioned in the bio at the site you shared!


Interesting discussion though! It’s probably not a good place to be in (from my limited experience) if you’re hiring people that you definitely don’t trust, and I also agree that it’s no longer a valid reason to exclude remote work. If an employee demonstrates they aren’t trustworthy, surely whether they are remote or in-office is a moot point?