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  • 1 February 2024
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when my client sign into their karbon email to upload to my company another clients name is in there along with hers how can I delete the other client from being in her email?

2 replies

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Hi @Nadine Bobo,

This article may help:

In particular:

After the request has been sent, you still have the option to manage the client list by adding or removing contacts. Click on the Client Request header or use the options menu (...) to select Manage Client Request and make any necessary changes.

Does that help? 🙂

If the other contact isn’t there.. it may be a bug and I recommend contacting support:

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We have a client cross over taking place with our API into SuiteFiles. But it appears to only be one client who is having this issue. We are attempting to determine whether the issue is a Karbon API issue, something we have missed as admin, or a SuiteFiles client cross over issue. Being that SuiteFiles is only a SharePoint layover app for document storage and digital signing abilities, we cannot find a way that the cross over is happening there, but we are trouble shooting all that we can over there. 

All client data is pulled from Karbon through API to SuiteFiles. No other integrations have been set up at this time for SuiteFiles. When we send a digital signature package to the specific client (D) from the Karbon email connection, everything is good on our side, the name that pops up when she goes to sign the document is her spouse’s ex wife (L)😖…... of all the options of names we cannot find why the signature platform will assign L’s signature to D’s signature. D’s name is on the email, on the internal side of the information, but when D clicks to sign her name to sign it comes up as L. 

Has anyone else ever had this issue or something similar?

We have had mass CPA emails that are intended for one team member go to the wrong team member’s triage - maybe this is a similar situation? I have not reached out to the help desk yet for Karbon as I am still working to eliminate SuiteFiles and user error. It never crossed my mind it may be the API.