• 12 April 2023
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Does Karbon Sync Task Due Dates with Google Calendar?

5 replies

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Hi Cynthia, I’m not aware of Karbon Task Due Dates syncing with Google Calendar 🙂

At the moment it is possible to see your Google Calendar in Karbon under My Week and to create events in your Google Calendar by creating the events from your Karbon Calendar under My Week

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Hi @Cynthia Arciniega. As @SamG mentioned, you can create events from work/emails/notes and see your calendar in My Week, but it isn’t a full sync where all work/tasks/dates assigned to you will show in a calendar view. My Week and Work Views get part way there, but it doesn’t show as a calendar.

That could be a good feature request though! An option for Karbon to create a “calendar” in your Google Calendar that automatically shows the due dates of everything assigned to you. Or a calendar view inside Karbon itself with that information.

@Rebecca Williams That would be amazing!  The feature would certainly help with my day to day time management of tasks vs. actual time allocated to a task. It would help pinpoint hours allocated within a workday, workweek or month. Please keep me posted.  

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@Cynthia Arciniega you’ll need to create a feature request to make it official and send to the product team! Go to the Feature Request page (link at the top of the community) and choose the Submit an idea button (about half way down on the right.

Paste the link to the Feature Request here once you’ve created it so we can vote.

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Here’s the feature request!