Interested in Testing and Providing Feedback on the Newest Karbon Features?

  • 31 May 2024
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We welcome you to get involved in Beta Programs of interest, it’s a great way to help influence the future state of Karbon and the accounting industry.


Below you can find a list of the current programs available to sign up for:

5 replies

Hi Thea in the Karbon Community Groups home page - what is Tech ASP Community about?

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@Naomi Cantale ASP = Annual Service Plan. This is a Tech add-on to a Karbon subscription which I believe is additional support for using the API and possibly some other things! Members with this add-on have their own sub-group in the community.

I found this out cuz I thought it sounded intriguing once and clicked the button and support reached out to me... 🤣

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@Naomi Cantale additional information can also be found here:

Hi, I’m interested in signing up for the Approvals Beta version, but do not see it in the list.  Please advise.  Thanks!

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Hi @Kerri Kennedy - I’ve added to the Approvals beta link to the first message above.