Why can I not see more than 40 work items in the Work View?

  • 30 August 2022
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If there are more than 40 work items on the work tab, I cannot scroll through them.  I get a blue circle in the far left corner as if it is thinking/processing, but nothing happens and it does not go past the first 40 work items.  The only way I can find what I need is resort the work under “Name” and hope it falls in the last 40 items, or I have to do a search (hoping I guess the correct key words) to find a specific work item.  However, if I need to scroll through all the items there is no way I can do that if it is more than 40 work items.

** This is a recent issue - meaning I was able to scroll past 40 before - this has happened in the last week to two weeks.

9 replies

I am having the same issue. I could scroll through before, but now I get the blue wheel and cannot see more than 40 items.

I am unable to do what I have been doing for just about 2 years.  I cannot scroll down more than 40 work items and that is a work STOPPING issue for me as I need to see all the work items.  I have reported this issue twice and I am still not seeing a fix.

This bug needs to be escalated.

I am having the same issue. Until Thursday of last week, I could scroll through and see all of the work items for a client, but now when I try to continue to scroll down, I get the blue wheel and cannot see more than 40 items.

I, too, am having this issue. Limiting the results makes it much more difficult to review the past work, or having the ability to review an account in full. Based on what I do and how I use this, I don’t always have the job or work type available and have to scroll to review. We had the ability to continually scroll and now it’s gone. The blue wheel just keeps turning - this bug really needs fixed. 

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This is a widespread issue in our instance. @Zach Cochran @lexie FYI, this is a work stoppage issue we are dealing with in some cases.

I created a feature request for a search function as well. It’s not a complete fix for this issue but would be great to have. 


Please go vote for this feature. 

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@Christie Reed  thanks for bringing this up and @Terri Warren thanks for mentioning me. I have confirmation that this is a known issue. We are actively working on a fix and hope to have this resolved very soon. 

I am also dealing with the same issue since last week. It would be very helpful if this would be fixed.

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I thought it was just me!  Should have known the community was on it.

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Good news! This issue will be fixed in the next release due next week.