What do the idea statuses mean?

  • 14 January 2022
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Each feature idea submitted in the Feature Ideas section will be categorized by the product team into an idea ‘status.’ See below for more information on what each idea status means. 


This is the default status given to newly submitted feature ideas. Your idea may remain as ‘new’ for up to 14 days.


Gathering Interest

The product team is providing Community members the opportunity to vote for and/ or add further information on this feature idea.


Under Consideration

The product team is currently looking into the feature idea and gathering further information.


In Design

The product team is in the discovery phase and is designing a great solution to the feature idea.


In Development

The engineering team is building the solution for the feature idea. Look out for it in Karbon soon.



The solution for the feature idea has been built and released, and is ready for you to enjoy.


Not on Immediate Roadmap

At this stage, we do not have plans to build this feature idea and it is not in our immediate roadmap. The suggestion has been logged with the team and may be considered again in the future.


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Looking forward to a Merged status (which locks voting, as a minimum) 😏