How to: Tag or @mention a member

  • 28 July 2021
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Just like many of the other platforms you use - when you tag another user in your question or comment, the platform will notify them that they were mentioned in a post.  To tag a user, you simply start with the @ symbol, then begin typing their username.

Example:  @Andi Ancheta 

The platform will suggest matches, and you simply select the username of the person you would like to tag. As soon as you post your message, the user will receive a notification that they were mentioned, and a link to the post.



3 replies

@Andi Ancheta I am wondering why the @mentions wouldn’t show up in alphabetized format?  or at least by the most frequented useage would make sense.  I message the same “Jennifer” about 20x /day and she is always at the bottom of my list.  is this something that I change?


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Hi @Debbie Stewart ,

Great point and I’ll serve that up to our product team. As a workaround, consider typing @lastname and that should bring up a smaller list to choose from (if not the exact match).

@Debbie Stewart  This would be a great add to the Feature Ideas as well, the Product Team iis listening there and and then others can vote it up.