Notifications - a friend or a foe?

  • 15 March 2023
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While I have seen a lot of requests, discussions and questions regarding getting notifications here on Karbon, I think it’s high time we implement changes on the notification preferences each user has. Different users, different purposes of using Karbon.

I understand that the absence of the sound notification is to encourage deep work; however, on the other hand, other users depend on client submissions, or fast-paced email conversations with colleagues as deep work.


Bottom-line is, I think one way to achieve a win-win situation is to provide users the option to modify and set their preferred notification style -- one of which is adding an alert sound once a new item in the triage comes in.


Our dear developers might already have an update about this that I might have missed. Please enlighten me. Thanks so much! :)


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3 replies

Hi @Khryzia Largo! Thanks so much for sharing your feedback. We truly value your thoughts!

At this time, this is not a feature. However, please vote here, if you wish to possibly see this in the future.


Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. 


Hi @Aliesa Jackson . Thank you for the fast response! I have voted, and encouraged my teammates who support this plea to vote as well. Thank you for your service. Stay safe!

Great! You’re very welcome! @Khryzia Largo