Workaround for recurring semi-monthly/monthly payroll jobs

  • 31 August 2021
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For semi-monthly and monthly payroll jobs that are due X number of days before the end of the month (depending on how they are processed, ie: Gusto, ADP) how are you working with Karbon’s limited settings to have accurate due dates so that Payrolls are not missed?

Since the end of the month fluctuates (28/29/30/31) and the payrolls are due X number of days before the end of the month + avoiding weekends, there is not an accurate way to set up these types of Payroll jobs in Karbon so that the due dates are an accurate reflection of when the Payroll actually needs to be processed. This is causing us to occasionally miss payrolls, especially when our team has to fill in for other team members who are out and when they are not familiar with when the clients payroll needs to be run.

What are your workarounds for recurring jobs that are due at/near the end of the month, but aren’t always due on the same day of the month? Aside from setting up each Payroll job individually (non-recurring) or adjusting the key dates for every job to accurately reflect what we see in Gusto/ADP, I do not know how to create these jobs in a way that accurately reflects when the Payroll needs to be processed. 

5 replies

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This is such a great question, Kim! In addition to the end of month varying, we often run into a bank holiday throwing off the payroll deadlines.

Here’s how we’ve opted to work within the current limitation of recurring work. Our payroll work items are set up so their due date is the actual pay day and we include that date in our work title (just month/day.) This works well since Karbon does allow you create a repeating work schedule due on the last day of the month. 

However, our payroll team knows that the processing deadline is two business days prior to that. Using the work item filters, we can set up a filter that will only include items with due dates between certain dates. This allows us to view those payrolls that need to be processed this week but won’t be ‘due’ until next week. 

August 31st was a great example of this. Last week’s work needed to include all payrolls due through 8/31/21. I can set up my weekly work filter to include all the work items with due dates through 8/31, knowing that 8/31 payrolls needed to be processed by 8/27 because of the weekend.

Would love to hear how others are handling this type of work.


Came here looking for this exactly. Has anyone found any other work arounds by chance? 


Thanks in advance! 

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@Deana Gutierrez we have not yet found a better way. Our team just knows that any payroll jobs that are due the last day of the month are not accurately set up in Karbon. They are also very mindful of bank holidays and knowing that impacts the validity of the due date shown in Karbon.

We have implemented a rotation of staff checking ADP/Gusto every afternoon to ensure no payrolls were missed because of this issue. 

Not the most ideal, but this is still our best process.


Hi Kim, thank you so much for replying! We’re doing the same with checking payroll daily as well. 

Have a great weekend. 

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@Deana Gutierrez Thank you! you too!