Where is the settings button I am new to Karbon

  • 4 February 2022
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Can someone show me how to find the settings button I am brand new to Karbon it doesn’t seem to be on my main screen unless I am completely overlooking it.

3 replies

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There isn’t a settings cog, so to speak, but there is a section that looks like this:


You can use the three blue lines to change the view from kaban to list, and to change the display so it includes clients, status, due dates etc. You can also change the columns to filter by different dates.


Is this what you mean by settings on the Kanban board? If you don’t have the download cloud (hovering above my 153 items due in May) you may need to check your settings and access rights.

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@Dan Yamamoto If you looking for the Karbon global settings.  It is way over on the bottom left, right above Log Out.

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Does that help at all?