When is the new client portal being released?

  • 25 October 2021
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Curious when the new client portal is being released. Would love to have clients all in one spot so I don’t have to use multiple apps to manage this.

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Hi @blueprintbrian 


It's hard for us to give a specific ETA on when the client portal will be done. However, the current projection is the first half of next year. I recommend that you keep a close eye on our release notes, which will be updated and we will of course also provide plenty of information when the client portal arrives. Here's a link for where to find the release notes:

Hope this helps!


Are there any updates on this?  We need to make some decisions about our Tech stack and this is an important component.

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Hello is there any update on this? We need to make some changes for a client portal and want to know what the plan is for Karbon to do this ?