What feeds into budget overview?

  • 15 June 2023
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I have set up my client with some time estimates: Note - these estimates are in both completed work and the upcoming work.

Now when I go to my client’s time and budget screen, the budget overview says 0.

Am I supposed to be putting a budget for the client somewhere else besides inside each work item? 

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@David Sadowsky 

The amounts showing in the Budget Overview are affected by the filters that are just above that section. When there is a filter for Time Entry Date included, the budget overview will include the total budgeted hours for any work item that has time entries for the selected time period. In the screenshot below the 20 hours budgeted are for two different work items that had time entries this month. This skews the budget overview numbers because we really only budget 10 hours per month for this client’s work. 

There are other filters options available (work type and work status) that will give you different numbers as you add, customize, and/or remove the filters.