Using Karbon Time exclusively without Tsheet going forward

  • 4 December 2021
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Hi, all, 

I wonder if anyone has stopped using Tsheet and started using Karbon Time exclusively. 

I have both sync at the moment, but I would like just use Karbon going forward. 

When I disconnect Tsheet, I cannot clock on Karbon Time.  

Any idea how to fix this?





Best answer by Greg Scholten 6 December 2021, 21:57

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We have an internal contact for the company and we created work items for Time Tracking, Paid Holiday Time Tracking, PTO Time Tracking ect. They begin 1/1 of the year and end on 12/31.  Then we add a yearly repeat and add the year to the name.  This allows us to log internal time to a client ( The company) when we are doing non-billable work/ non-client tasks.   We can also go to the details tab and see how much time each person has used for the year.  This is especially helpful on the PTO Time Work item. This also flows over to the Time detail in Karbon.

@Joy I just disconnected T-sheets from Karbon a month ago.  I couldn’t log anything until the week was over as the T-Sheets was still controlling the approval.  Once the following week occurred, I had not problems.

@Greg Scholten  Thank you. I am able to log in now. 

I want to switch because I like some of Time function such as being able to make comments on that week’s time and suggesting time entries. But, I am awaiting for the support to get back to me about the query in relation to Time ticking in the background and I was unable to see it anywhere on the screen.