To-Do List Notification?

  • 15 November 2021
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Anyone here thinking that it will be a good feature if you will get a notification or just a simple “red” bell icon at the top that you have a pending due on your to-do list? 

4 replies

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You can always put in a feature request!

I find that the automators don’t move the job on if a task is still outstanding and my team know to work through them for it to progress (or they add a to do for a later date and revisit it).

Also, I’ve been using my week, and find that helpful as I can defer things to other weeks and then it will automatically reappear when it’s the week it’s then scheduled and I can work through that way. Is this something you’ve explored as well?

It could also be that this is a feature that I don’t know I need, until I see it and start using it!


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I feel the filter and sort by options already offered in To-do helps me and my team keep on top of our tasks for the day. 

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I kinda really like how to-dos are right now, but I have specific setup of filters and layout. If you’re interested, I can share it here.

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I’m with @Coral , I am finding My Week to be an effective tool in managing my priorities and my To-do is more of a parking lot. I make sure everything is tagged to My Week but if I want to see anything specific I will work the filters to get a clear picture.