Technical Question on Budget to Actual Time Exporting

  • 18 August 2021
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So I have a subcontractor that I’m compensating based on how well he does budget to actual and we’re trying to find an efficient way to track through Karbon.

I’m trying to find a way to easily export the budget to actual time for 1 employee over a certain time frame across all jobs they worked on that are now completed. I think we’d have to set it just for jobs that closed during the period so we’re not double counting across periods. 

I’m not sure if just creating a custom work view could yield this, since he isn’t always the assignee at the end of a job, and it doesn’t break down budget to actual for that particular assignee. 

Is there an easier way to do this than just hand-downloading the budget to actual data on each work item he works on and aggregating in an excel workbook?

3 replies

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This is a good one!  Couple questions back for you:

Is he the only one with a budget for this type of work, or do you have other team members on the work?

Do you use roles?

There are specific filters in the Work section for Budgets.  I wonder if you could filter to select colleagues involved, completed status, date range and then play with the budget filters to get what you are needing?


We use roles, multiple people will work on the job, so he’s the preparer but I’m the reviewer on the jobs. 
I saw the export available on the particular work item, but not just printing off for all the work items within a certain window to make an easy report. 

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Ahh okay.  It seems like we need the option to be able to filter by Role in the work view.  I think that would help you out, but I don’t think this is an option we have right now.

Use the Help & Feedback option in Karbon to submit an Idea/Feature Request to the Karbon team. 

Also, ask others on your team to do the same!