Sending client emails from Task page - no client checklist needed

I would like to send an email and attachment from the Task and workflow area.

In this case, I don’t need a client checklist or for it to change the status of the work. I want the client to be able to quickly forward a simple attachment to an advisor/lawyer.

Can this be done?


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@Kitty Lo Can you provide more details? You can send an email from the timeline of a work item, or from any page in Karbon and then attach to the timeline after. What else are you looking to do that makes this method insufficient?

Did you attend the roadmap webinar this week? You can find the recording here:

In this, Karbon demoed a feature they are building where you while be able to add a “send email” task type into a work item - this might be what you’re looking for?

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You can also do a quick ALT E from anywhere in the program.  This is a shortcut to open an email from any screen within Karbon.   Here are a few other shortcuts.


Anytime you are outside of a text input field in Karbon, press Alt (Windows) or Option (Mac) ahead of the following letters to perform the corresponding action:

  • Alt + C for a new Contact

  • Alt + E for a new Email

  • Alt + N for a new Note

  • Alt + W for a new Work item

  • Alt + S to open Global Search

  • Cntrl + Alt + T for a new Time Entry

  • Alt + T to start the Timer

After composing an email:

  • ⌘ + Enter (Mac) / Ctrl + Enter (Windows) to send

Multi-select in Triage and My Week:

  • Select multiple items that are listed together in Triage or My Week. Hold Shift and select the top item, then the bottom item and all items in between will be selected as well.