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  • 31 August 2021
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Is it possible to repeat work to occur only on weekdays, Monday to Friday?


The option to avoid weekends create a duplicate work item to fall on the Friday





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4 replies

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Hi Marie,

I’m not sure I understand your question. When you set up the repeating work, you do have the option of clicking the box to ‘Move work start / due dates to the Friday before if they fall on a weekend.’ 

Are you saying that when you check that box, the repeating schedule is creating two work items with the same due date?

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I think Marie is asking to setup recurring work that repeats each MWF.

Setting up the work item to recur daily every two days only works for half the weeks and creates work items on the weekends that are unnecessary.

Two ways to handle:

  • Three works items each recurring weekly. One for Monday, one for Wednesday, and one for Friday (not what I would recommend, but might accomplish what you need)
    • Disadvantages - Any changes to one work item would have to be manually replicated on the other work items. If you make a change to the Monday work item, the change will automatically propagate forward on only the Monday work item.
    • Advantages - It’s clear whether each day’s work is complete on time.
  • One work item recurring weekly starting on Monday and ending on Friday with task sections for each of the day’s work laid out. I would recommend using the Kanban board and setting statuses that correspond to each day so that you can easily see any work that is falling behind.
    • Disadvantages - There’s a level of complexity by adding the Kanban statuses and automators to make the work item flow through the week smoothly
    • Advantages - Once setup, you can easily see where the work is at and if anything is falling behind. You can also take full advantage of Karbon automation.

Does any of that help?

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I agree with Max on the “One work item recurring weekly starting on Monday and ending on Friday with task sections for each of the day’s work laid out”


I would add that upon set up, before setting the recurring schedule, in each section set the “start” date on each task so it only appears in your todos on the days they need to. Benefit in this is it reduces noise on your daily todo list and reduces risk of checking off a task that is not due yet if working quickly.


I would also add to set the repeating schedule to have the tasks created 1 day before the start of the work item so if you make changes each week, they can be populated in the following week without much maintenance. 


Thankyou Everyone!!!