Recurring jobs - dates not correct

  • 15 October 2021
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Hi all, I’m new to Karbon and have been using it for a few months now for job tracking - going well.  We are now about to venture into the next phase which is recurring jobs, particularly for Quarterly BAS and monthly IAS. So I have a job in the system for the September 2021 BAS for a client.  Job starts 1/10/2021 and finishes 29/10/2021 (being the end of the month on a weekday).  I go to create a recurring quarterly job using this job and selecting “quarterly” as the repeat settings.  Looking at the repeat preview the first BAS job is Jan to March 2022 (completely ignore December BAS) and the job dates are starting 31/12/2021 finishing 28/04/2022.  So the problem is the job can’t start 31/12/2021 as the month hasn’t even begun then - the job should start 01/04/2022 but I can’t for the life of me find a way of changing the start date on the recurring jobs?  I’m clearly missing someting - HELP!!! :) 


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5 replies

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Hi Andrew! Welcome to the community. :)

Would you be able to send a screenshot of your recurring settings?

A few quick notes:

  • I have had issues with the the setting that moves the due dates if they fall on the weekend. I just leave it on the weekend. This might be your issue.
  • make sure your ending day is set to the last day of the month, not a certain number of days after start (the default)

This conversation might have some of the answers you’re looking for:

I couldn’t find a support article that walks through the setup of recurring work, but I’ll look in the morning.

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Hi Andrew, 

Before creating the repeating work, check your existing work start and due date. Are these set correctly? 

Once you are happy with your existing work, then move on to creating the repeating one, it can be a bit tricky at the beginning to set up but once you have that nailed it, it should be much more straight forward. Karbon support are great at helping with such problems so if you can’t figure it out, dont worry - just send them a quick message. Good luck!

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I think I understand what’s going on and to fix it, we’re going to have to get creative.

The problem is that your work item is done in the month after the quarter (as most quarterly work items are), but when you choose the previous repeat period, the system isn’t understanding your offset and picking the wrong quarter.

How we can fix this is by building the offset ourselves using the start date placeholder and choosing “Work Start Date minus XX days”

The first placeholder looks like this:

Notice the “MMM” selection.

The second placeholder looks like this:

Notice the MMM YYYY selection.

Put a little “ - “ between the two placeholders to get the same naming convention.

Here’s how it turned out:


Does that help?

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@max all sorted! Thanks for this :relaxed:

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I’m glad to hear that, Andrew! Could you mark that answer as the best? It helps keep the community tidy and will help other people when they are searching for an answer to a similar problem.