Notes API: Creating Notes via POST on Contact/WorkItem Timelines

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Hey gang


I’m hacking through some more python code, as per usual


I create workitems for tax preparation appointments based on the company calendar and I would like to add a note to the timelines of these newly created workitems that list out the client’s entities based on data from our tax preparation software.


using the following code, however, I keep getting this error:

'{"error":{"code":"5001","message":"User profile is not the original author of the note"}}'


here’s the code:

headers = {
'AccessKey': ACCESS,
'Authorization': 'Bearer ' + BEARER,
'content-type' : 'application/json',

payload = {
"Subject": "testing",
"Body": "body",
"AuthorEmailAddress": my_email_address,
"AssigneeEmailAddress": my_email_address,
"Timelines": [
"EntityType": "WorkItem",
"EntityKey": "4C7lY7RwMQMV"

data = json.dumps(payload)

r = + '/v3/Notes', headers=headers, data=data)


any insight y’all might have would be greatly appreciated!

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I’m getting the same error. GET doesn’t work, either. Nothing comes back for OPT. I’ll see if anyone at Karbon will help me troubleshoot. 

Hi @Mike Richardson and @max,

I wanted to reach out on behalf of Karbon Support and let you all know that we have a known issue with the Notes API failing to create a new Note. This is currently being reviewed. 


We hope to have a resolution/update soon!


Thank you for your patience during this time!

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Thanks for the update. I was about to post this:

Report API issues here:

As always, thank you Max for being a helping hand! @max 

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Looks like it’s working now @Mike Richardson 

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yeah @max thank you for letting me know, we are in _business_


and thank you @Aliesa Jackson and the development team for providing and maintaining this functionality!


@Mike Richardson Happy to hear that everything is working as expected and you are welcome! Glad we could help 😁