#myweek - one off Work (not repeating)

  • 18 January 2022
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How do I get a one off Work to show in MyWeek as ‘To Plan’ ??? 

4 replies

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Hi @Mary-Clare Switz 

When you create the work with all of the information it should be going to To Plan.  If it is not you may need to refresh or go to support. 

I ran a test to confirm that this is currently working





Thanks @Victoria Peters !

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You’re welcome @Mary-Clare Switz If that worked for you would you mind marking my reply as Best Answer - it helps keep the community tidy.

Thank you,


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Great answer @Victoria Peters!

@Mary-Clare Switz I think the reason everything goes in the To Plan bucket is that unless you specified in the Work repeat settings that you want it to land in My Week, they want to put it in a place that you will need to regularly review.  The idea being that we should always be looking in To Plan to decide if we want to assign it to This Week, Next Week, or Later.