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My week is very divisive, and each member of our firm has different levels of success when utilizing it. 

Do other firms allow employees to use their My Week in a way that makes the most sense to them, or monitor usage so it’s the same throughout the firm? 

  • Ex. Some people put all their work for Today in Working on Now while others take it a few tasks at a time. 

Only wondering because when you go to check colleague’s week or share tasks within a work item with someone, “working on now” can still be a gray area. 

Want to see if there’s a standard use for it common between firms that use karbon! 

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We don’t have a standard for our staff. I struggle with the amount of noise in My Week, so I actually move anything that is timeblocked on my calendar (anywhere on my calendar) to working on now and put the tasks in chronological order.

I’m curious what other firms are doing.

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@Danielle Clark We are working through those same thoughts. 

Ideally, I would like to see standardization across the board with usage requirements built in to enable the best reporting. 

Standardizing the expectations on how to use it would help when managers are looking to ensure capacity and urgent help. Would also give guidance to new users. The issue comes, typically from veteran users of Karbon that have created their own habits and workflow.

Creating that standard might disrupt a successful workflow one individual or team has. Is it worth the risk of team satisfaction? 

I think that each firm has to measure the risk and expectations themselves.

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We do not have a firm-wide standard, but we have had several meetings regarding the use of My Week and how it functions.  I think the functionality of My Week will be enhanced once the calendar is released.  This will help with time blocking and scheduling specific work.  You would just drag and drop the item into a time slot. Most of us at my firm try to have what we are currently working on in the working on now slot.

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One of the most difficult things about My Week is the amount of noise in there, so each person handles it differently.

I recently added a feature idea that I think will help reduce the noise:

Vote if you feel led. 😉