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  • 10 January 2024
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Hi all

Included within our services is a support option for clients to ask quick questions. I am trying to decide whether it is better practice to create a single ‘Support’ job for each client where all emails and time get allocated for the year or whether it’s better to have a separate job created for each email all allocated to the Support service type. 

Option 1 pros: has a single budget we can track progress against, all queries can be seen under a single job.

Option 2 pros: better tracking of each question via the job, can allocate a budget for each query to keep staff on track. 


My main concern with option 1 is not having sufficient tracking on each query but I suppose this could be resolved via email insignts. 

Main concern with option 2 is not being able to properly track the time against the budget for the year. E.g. if we charge a client $1,500/year I want to know how we’re going against that. 

Any feedback welcome. 




2 replies

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Hi @Matt Byrne,

We have the exact same scenario and do option 1 and I think you should if you have a budget and want to track it 🙂

That being said, you need to have a framework around when the question is too big (requires too much work) to be considered part of the support job (both practically and financially).

Then you create a new Work item for those bigger questions and (possibly) raise a fee for that work, or include it when comparing how your support job is going for that client, against budget.

E.g. Support job has budget of $1,000 and actual time of $600. [Big question] job has budget of $0 and actual time of $300. Overall the client has $100 left of support.

Does that help?

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Following!  This is an area I would like to tighten up at our firm.  I would love to have visibility on the level of support beyond the ‘technical’ engagement that the team is undertaking.  You both have given me something to consider.