How to see comments/notes on a client task

  • 12 September 2022
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i sent a client task to someone with some questions. They entered a comment on the client task. How do i now get that information out of Karbon and into my workpapers?  I need those notes printed out but i don’t see anyway to print that like i might print an email.  

3 replies

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Unfortunately we end up having to screenshot information and add it to the workpapers as images. Not a great solution, or really a beautiful one, but it is the only way we’ve found to transfer that information over to the workpapers.

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We take a snip of the comment and paste it into a word document.  We then print the word document to PDF and add it to the work papers.  This seems to be the only way to print and save these commented responses.

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Hi Everyone there is a feature request in the community for this feature. If you want it to happen can you please go over there and add a vote and hopefully the more votes we get the more likely it is to happen.