Filter My Week to a Daily or smaller multi day view

  • 7 October 2022
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I am getting overwhelmed at the beginning of the week with Work and Emails that aren’t due until later in the week and they are creating noise that I have to filter through.  Is there a filter coming to help with the noise in  My Week?

3 replies

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@Marni Garcia nothing has been announced yet, but there is a very popular feature request for this.

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We use the current filters to filter out the noise in my week, and then add the priority tasks to “working on now.”  

If it’s bill pay day for example, I filter by work type “bill Pay” and then just add all the bill pay work items I’m responsible for into working on now, and have at it.  That way I know what to focus on first.  

It’s mostly a dynamic prioritization for us… though I need to create a daily workflow guide for my team so they can maximize this (and would also help me).  There are certain things I think about on specific days of the week, or each day if items are overdue, etc.

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@Marni Garcia You might also explore making custom Dashboards in your work view.  You can filter that by the due date. For daily work, this is where I live.  I have multiple dashboards that allow me to focus on specific kinds of work and see which are due today versus due on Friday.  My Week gives me an overview of what I have on my plate for the week, but my dashboards will show me a lot more detail and allow me to specifically focus on individual task types.

This is a helpful article that can get you started.

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