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  • 18 October 2021
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Is it possible to export responses from clients in client tasks?  
This would be a really handy feature and it would save a lot of time!!

9 replies

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There is no feature in Karbon that allows for an export of comments added by customers. I’m guessing you would like to the add client comments as proper documentation in a working file.

I use Microsoft sniping tool (screen shot in iOS) to copy sections and then past them into where you want to add the documentation.

Another option is documenting in the working file the main points of the customer comments and then referencing to the Karbon work item for more details. For example, “Customer confirmed the draft financial statements via comment in Karbon. See Karbon work item for more details.”

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Hi Samantha! Welcome to the Karbon community.

There is a way to download all the files submitted by a client through client tasks. Here’s a screenshot of how:

Start on the work item and select details.

It sounds like you might actually be trying to export client comments as Kirk mentioned. In that case, he is right and the only thing I would add is that you can link to the particular work item in your work papers for reference as each work item link is permanent. Here’s another screenshot:

If you copy and past that link into work item, clicking on it will bring you straight the work item (unless someone deletes the work item in Karbon. I suggest work items are always cancelled and never deleted, as a best practice)

Does that help at all?

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Thanks for your responses Max and Kirk.  Both options don't work well for us as we are collating information for an audit.  So, all the info is required to complete a document.   It is cumbersome to open each response highlight - copy- paste but it seems the only option.

An export would be handy!

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Upon review of this feature it is a real barrier as we cannot print or export client replies as substantiated information when required.
Essentially we cannot use Karbon for client facing responses as we cannot prove the origin of the response.    

Surely this is an issue for more Karbon users!

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Hi Samantha,

It has come up a few times. We have a rule in our firm that if we made a decision based on client comments, it gets a screenshot and pasted into work papers. It hasn’t been an issue for us, but I know that some CPAs really like to have their work papers a certain way. It can be an adjustment working with a tool like Karbon.

It can take a few more seconds to snap a screenshot, but the time we’ve saved using the client tasks is well-worth it for us. I don’t know if you’ll have the same experience, but we have been able to automate so much client interaction and document chasing without taking the personal touch out of it… it’s been great.

On a PC, tap Win + Shift + S to open the snipping tool for a quick screenshot.

Is that helpful at all?

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When it comes to working files, I use Karbon to handle what it does best… manage the workflow and customer delivery. I use a file preparation solution for client queries and support documents received from the customer. I use Xero Workpapers for year-end file preparation, all non-assurance engagement. 

Understandable that audit is a different animal.

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The issue seems to be that we need proof that the client wrote the reply - a clear "paper trail” for  documentation not the use of a snipping tool.  Atm it is impossible to provide this for an audit through the kabon client tasks.

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Is this something you need on every work item or just when you are being audited by a taxing authority?

If the later is true, have you sent a request into Karbon support? I don’t know if they will be able to help with this, but they have been really helpful. Everything within Karbon is logged, so if you had an audit situation where a screenshot of Karbon wasn’t good enough, support might be able to give you what you’re looking for.

If you need more detail than what is available on screen on a regular basis, Karbon may not be the tool for you. It’s a pretty big shift in work approach, which isn’t for every firm or every situation. Karbon client tasks are far more secure than passing information via email, but it’s certainly different.

An alternative to client tasks might be to use other tools to collect the level of detail you need (like @Kirk Jeske mentioned). TypeForm, Microsoft Forms, and Google Forms all provide secure information gathering that can be tracked.

I don’t know if that’s helpful or not. I’ve seen a huge benefit from Karbon for our firm, so I hope you figure out a way to make that work for your firm, too, if it’s possible.


Hi Everyone there is a feature request in the community for this feature. If you want it to happen can you please go over there and add a vote and hopefully the more votes we get the more likely it is to happen.