Cancelled status not available

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I am trying to set up an automator that goes like this:

If all the tasks in the section are above have the status completed, then update the status of tasks in this section to Cancelled.

I have ensured that the work type settings have Cancelled selected as a task status, as below:

But when I go to set up this automator in the work template, Cancelled is still not an option.


Can anybody help with this?

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@Imbi Finlayson I never noticed this before but the automator for Task status does appear to be limited to the 5 main statuses - opening up the options would be a good feature request. 

The status of the Work can be set to any of the sub statuses that are available.

I am curious - and you don’t have to answer - why would you want to have an automator cancel tasks once a section is complete?  Maybe we can help with another approach.

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I have pushed back on sub-statuses for tasks as I think it gets too convoluted, so I’m curious to read about your use-case as well. 😀

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No problem sharing our use case.

I was aiming for a workaround for tasks that may or may not need to happen.

So in our template there is a task to send queries to a client around the work. I was going to have a task for ‘no queries’ that when ticked, cancelled the ‘client queries sent’ and ‘client queries answered’ tasks.

Currently we just instruct the team to skip those query tasks if not applicable, and we have an automator on the final task that completes the work when that final task is complete, even if some tasks in the workflow are skipped. That process actually works ok for us, but was trying a different way.

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We have made it a practice of marking tasks as “complete” with a comment if they were not necessary. It’s not the best way as it requires staff to add a note, so I’m curious to see what other people think.