Calendar Re-sync

  • 6 September 2023
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I have a repeating item that I deleted on my google calendar that is still appearing in the Karbon calendar.  When I try to delete in Karbon, I get a ‘delete failed’ message.  I think I need to disconnect and reconnect my calendar, but only see instructions to do the initial connection.  Does anyone know how to disconnect a calendar?

6 replies

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@Aliesa Jackson can you help here? 

Thank you @blueprintbrian 

Hi @Ken Rogers Aliesa, here from Karbon Support. I will be reaching out to you directly on this matter as I think our team will best support you. Thank you!

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@Aliesa Jackson  can you help me also - my week google calendar is not reflecting changes made in google calendar. 


i want my team to adopt using ‘my week’ integration with google calendar but they will refuse if it doesn’t work. 


How do I fix this? 



Having the same issue! 

I’m having the same issue. Can someone help me too? Thanks!


Having the same issue as well. Please help.