Budgets in Repeats

  • 9 January 2023
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If a work item is created and you forget to add the budget before setting up the repeat period, why won’t Karbon update the budget when you edit the repeat?  I’m finding that whenever I go to edit to add the budget estimate, it will not carry over.  The only thing that carries over is time worked on the task.  Any suggestions?  What am I doing wrong if so?


Thanks so much!

Amanda Lampi

1 reply

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Hi @Amanda Lampi ,

I think what you might be missing is to Reset the next open work order(s) in the cycle.  When you chose to reset you have the option to reset on The Previous Work Item.  This will capture all of the changes you have made.

Once you have done this to all open work the next work orders will populate the budget.


If you are looking for the Reset feature - it is the 3 dots in the dark grey part of the work order screen.

Hope this helps,