Schedule an email, and more!

Originally from May 3, 2021  

You can now choose what time your email will be sent. 

Do you write your emails at night but don't want them to go out until the morning? Get a jump on some client communication for next week? Or want an email to go out at the exact time you'll be away from your desk?

Simply compose your email like normal. Then, next to your Send button (which still sends your email immediately), you'll have a new option to choose a scheduled time. The email will then be filed under your scheduled folder within Triage


An update on the full release of new Global Search

New Global Search is currently being rolled out to all Karbon customers. Updates include enhancements such as recent contacts and work items being displayed.

And new functionality such as filters will help you find what you need quickly—across work, contacts, email, and internal discussions


So what do you think? Do you plan to start scheduling emails to send at specific times? Why will doing so benefit your working style?

Join the discussion below and share your thoughts, questions, and ideas relating to this latest Karbon update. 

This is great! We were using client tasks to remind clients to make their estimated tax payments on time, but now we have a better option. I would love to see this functionality built into templates, where templates come with the ability to build a scheduled email reminder based on variables within the work item and it’s context.