Document management in Karbon

Connect your Document Management System (DMS) to Karbon and manage client work files from a single source of truth. Today, we’re kicking off with Dropbox (OneDrive and more coming soon).

The Karbon interface. It's a work item called 'Client Onboarding' and the 'Documents' tab is selected. In this tab, a list of Dropbox files are displayed to demonstrate the Karbon integration with Dropbox.

With document management in Karbon, you can:

  • Seamlessly integrate with your DMS

  • Automate file organization and backups

  • Save your files where you need them

  • Collaborate on files

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Introductory webinars

Register for an introductory webinar specifically for Karbon customers. 

We’ll use Dropbox as an example and demonstrate how to:

  • Connect your own DMS

  • Automate your file organization and backups straight from Karbon

  • Copy work data from Karbon, including email, notes, and client tasks, to keep everything in sync with your DMS

Session 1Tuesday May 24, 8.30am PDT | Tuesday May 24, 4.30pm GMT

Session 2Thursday May 26, 4.30pm PDT | Friday May 27, 9.30am AEST

(note: both sessions will cover the same material)

@Aaron Kwan Wow - now you guys have DropBox and OneDrive.  Awesome!  Can we please ask for DMS with iManage please?  We assessed iManage against DropBox, Box and OneDrive/Sharepoint, and this program is more robust and futuristic.  Much like Karbon, so please put integration of iManage and Karbon on your roadmap! :)  Thank you!

I don’t know if this has been asked before, but here goes. 

Is there a way to be able to add more information in the naming scheme of connected folders in the repeating work section. Right now it allows for end date and start date.. but we happen to have several work items for same client that would possibly share same date. One would be payroll processing the other could be sales tax remittance.. they would end up in the same folders.. would there be a way in the future to allow for more naming options ? 

One more thing.. when connecting a folder, would be nice to have a search option.. we have over 1000 clients and scrolling down to each gets really painful especially when setting up many work items. 





The first feature you discuss is on the Karbon roadmap. I believe it has been discussed in the past couple of quarterly updates provided. The initial release of DMS allowed static folders to be connected. In a future release, it has been indicated there will be additionally flexibility through the use of place holders within the naming convention so each iteration of a repeating work item could have a new folder.

@Sara Goepel Is there any estimated release date for the Google Drive integration?

@Sara Goepel Is there any update on Google Drive integration?

Any news on the addition of Microsoft 365 SharePoint File as a document management link instead of just Dropbox?


Any news on the addition of Microsoft 365 SharePoint File as a document management link instead of just Dropbox?


It’s available 🙂

Go to Settings > Document Storage (link change XXXXX with your Karbon tenant ID)

Click OneDrive (Including SharePoint)