Work View - Get rid of "Also working on"?

  • 22 August 2023
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Hi all, new to Karbon (our firm is going through an implementation stage at present).

I have set up a work view (Kanban style) and have each column headed with the assignee. In each assignee’s column, they have occurances of “also working on” showing steps allocated to other staff members but this assignee will be or has been involved in work at some point. My question is, can we switch this off and make the “Also working on” entries disappear?

4 replies

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@David Smith I do not believe so. The top part of the board column organizes by the work assigned with the Other Items they are working on being any open work where there are tasks assigned rather than the work.

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@David Smith if you show as List view instead of Kanban it will only show the work and assignee, or if you use a different grouping method.

I find the view you have (Kanban grouped by assignee) useful, including the Also working on section, for a couple of reasons:

  • Error checking/assignment validation - makes it easy to see where an employee has been added to a piece of work in error as it will show in Also working on. For example, during task reassignments this should help pick up ones that might have been missed.
  • Determining workloads - if you only see what is assigned to them, it doesn’t give the full picture. Adding Totals in this view helps with this (assuming you have budgets added!) because it will give you the total budgeted time for each person for the work items in the filter.

If you do find it really annoying and it’s not giving you the details you’d like to see, you could create a feature request with details:

There are a few other feature requests related to work views (I don’t recall one for this specific issue), so have a read through - you’ll likely find other requests you can add your vote to!

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Hi @David Smith 

I find when I filter by ‘Colleagues Involved’ I get the Also Working On at the bottom of each Assignee but when I filter by Assignee I do not get it.  

I’m with @Rebecca Williams I prefer to see the Also Working On since the Assignee is such a moment in time snapshot of the work that I worry we might be missing something.

It is helpful to ensure that only the team members that actually involved in the work are on the work team to keep the Work View accurate.

Thank you all. Some great suggestions here!