Work report export to excell

  • 24 February 2024
  • 4 replies

When I export my work report to excel not all the columns show up. Where is the due date column?

4 replies

Thanks SamG, 

Yes, I did. Actually when I hide columns they still show up in the excell export and I have to hide them again. The due date in particular is missing either way. Did you try it and can confirm you don’t have the same problem?


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Hi @Damian,

Good question.. did you have the due date column showing in your view of Work in Karbon, before you clicked export? 🙂

If so, and it still didn’t export, I’d suggest Contacting Support.

I hope that helps!

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Hi @Damian,

Hmm, yes.. it works for me by default..

I’d suggest contacting support 🙂