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  • 21 December 2021
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How do others tackle overall work assignee’s when it’s a long project and there’s multiple people involved?. 

Our Annual Financial Statements work can last up to 9 months and involve 4 different people, in different roles (Accountant, Client Manager, Partner & Admin).  Currently we assign the overall work to the Client Manager.  However, that means that lots of stuff appears in their My Week, when they don’t actually have to do any tasks on that project until it is already substantially started (Admin & Accountant take care of everything up to work review stage)


I have seen on a webinar the use of dummy team members, using fake email addresses, and wondered if that was a solution.  When looking back, I can’t find the webinar now...I think it was something mentioned in a Sara/ Andii webinar.  Anyone use this facility or can point me in the right direction, please?

3 replies

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There is no good way to solve that from my experience. I do audit and financial report as well, which are long time and complex projects involving more team members. We currently also put job manager as the work assignee and within a work, we may put other team member as task assignee within the work.

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Have you looked at using the automators to assign the work as sections are complete.  This article explains how it work.  We have found the use of automators to be very effective on long work orders.


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@Stuart Ramsay We use ‘dummy’ colleagues for this purpose. If you add a colleague with a fake email address that will never be received and therefore can’t be activated, you can assign work to that dummy colleague.

We do this for our year end work items. The work starts off assigned to the client’s accountant. After they’ve completed their tasks on the work item, it’s automator switches the assignee (like @Victoria Peters mentioned above) to the ‘dummy’ colleague. When the next phase of the work item is ready to begin, we can drag and drop in the Kanban work view to assign it to a ‘real’ colleague.