Why does the client task space display our internal Karbon work title?

We are finally beginning the process of integrating client tasks into some of our work.  When we run tests, I can see that the client will have view of our internal work labeling when they go to check off their tasks.  Our work labeling is not short nor sweet and I’d rather not field client questions asking what the work title means since we use shorthand to distinguish between work/department/timing, etc.  I’d also love to not have to change our existing Karbon work labeling structure just to add client tasks to our toolbox.  Has anyone found any workarounds?





Best answer by Terri Warren 26 July 2022, 21:18

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Hi Emily, welcome to the Karbon community! 😀

We treat all work names as customer facing, and have formatted them with that in mind. When sending client requests, the work name shows up here:

I’m curious if others are doing anything differently. I don’t think there’s a way to change the name display.

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This is not ideal for our current workflow as we designed our work and templates to be sorted and benefit us internally. Will, in many cases, not be ideal on a client facing portal to see. And will require some heavy lifting to clean it up and be ready for the portal.

No a solution, sorry @Emily S. . Just an agreement that this is not ideal.