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  • 29 October 2021
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We are trying to determine whether we should enter our time into QB time and let Karbon pull client information from there or should we enter time into Karbon first?



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I have been playing with Karbon and QBTime integration. Unfortunately I am finding it hard as we are not using QBO and QBTime lack of ability to set billing rates is holding us up on this. But as for entering time, I definitely prefer entering in Karbon so I can see the results in the projects.

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We started with using QB Time, but have now transitioned over to using Karbon exclusively for time tracking.  We have a work item under the company name to track admin time that is not billed to clients.  We also have work items for vacation time off, sick leave etc.  This way you can track by individual how much time has been used as well as track company time total.  Any work for a client is logged directly to them and their work item.  Really helps with price tracking for work.

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We use QB Time which is integrated with Karbon. I like the geofence features and app user interface of QB Time. All my team members tack their time using the app which then syncs to Karbon and payroll (Wagepoint). Many types of controls are available in QB Time that are not in Karbon which allows for greater automation for team members and across my whole business.

Have been using this configuration for about 2 years now.

One perk is the reporting and analytics of time that is available in QB Time.

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I’m a massive fan of QB time.  Many of the accounting leaders/gurus/mentors in the UK are telling accountants that they shouldn’t keep timesheets and that timesheets are bad for productivity.  We started keeping timesheets 3 years ago and it was THE BEST EVER decision.  We now have accurate data on who are the profitable and unprofitable clients.  We can review what's happening with unprofitable clients, either the team need more training, or we need to re-price the clients fee.  If the client says YES, it’s a WIN, if the client says NO, and leaves it’s a WIN, because it frees up more time for profitable clients.  I’m new to Karbon, but I think you can’t beat the UX and UI in QB time, and I was delighted when I heard Karbon integrates with QB time.