Where to access the Bulk Work creation screen, apart from within contacts?

  • 1 November 2023
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Hey all,

We are trying to bulk add some work from a template.

It appears that I can do it from the contacts screen IF all the contacts are in the same group of 50.

  • if I go to a new page, the contacts on the previous page are unselected. 
  • If I search for clients I can’t select the contact from the search results on the client page.

Any ideas on how to:

  1. View more than 50 contacts at a time so I don’t lose my progress.
  2. Another way to access this screen which allows me to select multiple clients in an easier way.


1 reply

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@Shaun Farrugia I believe these are all current limitations of the tool - there was discussion about this in the product release thread you can read here - 

I could see any existing feature requests related to this though so I suggest you create one so we can vote on it! Hopefully Karbon are still working on improvements to this first release and they aren’t too far away!