We need your help - Sign up for research!

  • 6 February 2023
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Hi everyone, 

Would you like to join the product design team in an upcoming research study?

Sign up for research here

Thank you! We will be in contact with you shortly to schedule a study session. 


What is a research study?

During a research study we may present you with and gather your feedback on an existing product, a new feature, or even prototypes. We may also interview you about particular daily habits or ask you what motivations and goals you have.

Study sessions are 30 minutes long and take place online through your computer or mobile device.

Sharing your experiences with us helps inform our strategic and product thinking. In the end, it will make your experience better!


Candice - Lead Product Designer @ Karbon

3 replies

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Sounds good!

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Signed up.

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Signed up. 😁