Timer - setting to have it start immediately the previous timer is saved

  • 19 April 2022
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Is there a way to have the timer start automatically once the previous timer is saved - rather than having to remember to hit the clock icon?  (with the details to be added once the team member has started on the next activity)


That way we would have a complete 8 hour day logged, without the gaps caused by forgetting to start the timer.



3 replies

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Hi @Malcolm Veall!

That’s a great idea. There’s a feature idea posted about it. The more people who vote for it, the more likely it’ll get the attention of the development team. 😀

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H @max,

Yes, I already up-voted that one - these two suggestions are complementary, but not the same.  this suggestion is to prevent there being any idle time when the timer is not running, the other is to be able to switch between timers.

Both would improve the recording of full days.

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@Malcolm Veall I agree this is a slightly different request and I want both so I made a feature request for the one you (and I) seek 🙂