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As it currently stands, in the monthly Karbon work, I can select a specific date that my weekly tasks are due each month, but there is no choice to prompt our due dates to land on a certain day of the week each month.  I’d like to be able to select a due date that would be something like, “Due on the second Tuesday of each month.”  Because we currently don’t have this type of selection, I’m having to go into my new monthly work each month to reorganize the due dates. I’d love to see a change here.  Is this in the works?

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I’d add to that, being able to alter existing work schedules with this parameters as well. When creating the work, you have more options. Attempt to adjust, those options are reduced.


Hi Kynda,


Thank you for your post! This sounds like a great idea!

This would be a great feature request which can be submitted here Community>Feature Ideas>Submit an Idea.

These ideas are voted on by other customers and are reviewed by our product team weekly and included in our product roadmap.