Staff Training Platforms - LinkedIn Learning (formerly Other platforms for standardized US Bookkeeping and Accounting Training?

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I am starting a trial of LinkedIn Learning next week to see if it meets our needs, but I’m looking to give our staff a baseline


All staff trained the same way without drawing resources form existing staff members.


In the past, staff training is sometimes really good if we are organized and the people with the knowledge are available to train. Other times, we hire staff and are already behind on capacity, so the training isn’t handled well and new staff are left floundering.

I’ve looked to the AICPA and other groups for standardized training for things like sales tax, bookkeeping, etc., but have come up empty handed.

We will still do hands-on over-the-shoulder training, so no need to convince me of the importance of that. I’m curious if anyone has used and likes a standardized training platform or has any suggestions for how I might standardize my training without pulling away my highly skilled staff to train fundamental concepts.

Other Ideas

We are also working to develop internal training with sandbox accounts and work that go through the regular workflow of prep and review. This would be something that people start after they go through the initial training.

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following @max! We struggle in many of the same ways for sure!

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@max Following as well!