Sending a client a link to their reports



Is there a way to store links to the clients reports that they can easily access through their portal? I’m also still trying to understand what they see on their portal and if we can access it?


Is there a way to send those report links without sending an email?

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Hi @Jessica N Moon, welcome to the Karbon community!

I apologize that your message slipped through. I have a couple questions:

  • What do you use for reporting?
  • How do your clients get their reports now?

The Karbon portal isn’t like a traditional portal, so I don’t think it’ll work the way you are describing, but I’d like to understand your process a little better before saying anything with confidence. 😁

We use QBO so we were hoping that at the end of a week we could upload a report for that week to a clients portal and they could easily access it. But it sounds like I would just need to email it to them. The portal seems to be mostly for specific tasks and comments back and forth about that task as it’s in the template. 

Not a way to carry on ongoing conversations

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Ah, we have a similar process, and it’s not great, so I’m curious to hear other people’s wisdom.

We have a delivery step at the end of our weekly bookkeeping work items where we upload reports to a client task. We send that client task without reminders and often end up closing it ourselves after several days.

OneDrive/SharePoint have the ability to create a shared folder between client and firm. We’ve explored that but are not actively using it. Set up and tear down are heavily manual processes, and we didn’t feel confident in our ability to mitigate potential security risks associated with sharing folders from our file system.

Makes sense. I figured I might have to create a client task to send the reports. Just one extra step was hoping for a more seamless process. Right now we use google drive and email for things like that. Which again is fine, was just looking for an easier step. 


Thanks for your process. Helps me confirm my options. 

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If each client had a work item for weekly reports, you could upload the report to the client task within the work item.  You wouldn’t even need to send the task after the first report is sent.  They will receive an email notice that there are new comments and they would know their weekly report is available.  As long as the work item remains open, they would have access to all their reports.

Just a thought.  Not sure if this is what you dad in mind.

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We use Google Drive and have a shared folder for each client. Their PDF statements, and any other files/reports we need them to see, get uploaded to their shared drive. We send them a client task notification with some commentary/questions to the reports as well (and the commentary is also in a notes page in the PDF so it’s with the statements), but it means the link can stay the same so the client can access historical reports at any time.

Thanks for those suggestions. Appreciate the guidance and help. Gives me some places to start from with these new clients and Karbon. Pros and Cons to everything as always.